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In a country like India almost every citizen lives under the terror of some crime. These terrors may be of national or international terrorists, the robbers or maybe some pilferage, but the terror is terror, it will steal your mental peace. You cannot stop the crime or criminals, but take some safeguards which can help to make the environment safer. For this the installation of surveillance equipments is a good choice. SPYEYES could help you to install equipments of latest technology and the best quality.

For the safety of city government and individuals, both can serve on their behalf. The single efforts newer gives a better result, but when we come together then the results are good. For the safety of your own city following surveillance could be followed.

From the government side:

Its not the advice to the government, but the duty of government to install CCTV cameras in the city for crowd monitoring. This is very tough to identify the criminals in the crowd; criminals have not any extraordinary features so that they look different in the crowed. But there some activity makes them suspicious, these activities could be overlooked if there is someone who is specially trained to identify those types of elements then they can easily figure out. For this purpose CCTV cameras are the best options because with these you can watch the activity of the crowd and zoom in, if found something not fits in the scene. With the installation of CCTV cameras, the metal detector and door detector at the sensitive and busy places could also be used.

From the public side:

The responsibility of the security of the city is not only for the government, the citizens could also contribute to their level. If each and individual takes the responsibility of security of their own home then it would be good help. Thieves mainly target the homes shops. So for the security of the individual’s property its advisable to install CCTV cameras in their home and business area. The installation of CCTV cameras discourages the criminals to commit any crime or harm to the property.

The CCTV cameras aren’t stopping the crime rate directly, but the installation of these demotivates the criminals which decrease the rate of crime. The footage of CCTV cameras is also considered as legal evidence so if in any case, any mishap takes place, then this footage will help to find the culprit.

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