Biometrics & Access Control Systems


There is always an open discussion about the installation of security cameras inside school premises. A school doesn’t remain safe from the threat of vandalism, theft and other offences. These offences may be petty in nature, but for the growing generation and the future of the nation these should not be there. A school should be an ideal place where everyone is safe and not involved in any type of suspicious actives.

For the installation of security cameras and other surveillance equipment parents and schools always live in dilemma that installation should be there or not. Some parent says that the electronic surveillance is there because it should prevent outsiders to enter in school and also a psychological effect on student not to indulged in any suspicious activity. But the same side some parent says that the installation of CCTV cameras inside the college premises gives adverse effect on the mind of children. These gives and unnecessary supervision over the students, which not give them freedom to express because they live every time under a psychological pressure of to be watched.

The schools say on the installation of CCTV cameras that it will improve the security of the campus, if the security equipment is installed inside the college premises then they can easily supervise the activity of the school, including students to staff everyone will be under the surveillance. Once CCTV cameras installed in the premises its outcome will be outstanding. Staff to do their work with more dedication and the students live in a more disciplined manner. Most of the schools not want to install the surveillance equipment the main reason behind it is the high cost of these cameras. And the second reason given by the schools is that they cannot install these equipment in those places which are not covered by their man power like locker rooms, washroom and same nature areas. And if these areas could not cover by then, what’s the need of investing such a huge amount.

Some topics should keep beyond the debate, especially when the matter of our kids’ security arises. Their safety and building of character will be our core concern, not proving our point right. If electronic surveillance systems will install inside college premises and promote it with positive way, then it give a powerful positive impact on the staff and the student. Staff will do their work with more punctuality and students learn discipline. And yes, any outsider will think twice before entering or doing any wrong.

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