CCTV Cameras


The surveillance is not only the thing which is essential for home or business, but the surveillance for public places have same weightage as for the residential or business areas. Airport is one of the public places which have lots of reasons for surveillance installation. From the ever-present threat of terrorism, to enforcing strict rules and regulations, airport security personnel operate in a fast-paced environment that offers no room for mistakes. The video surveillance is mandatory in at the airports.

Benefits of IP-Based Video Surveillance for Airport Terminals

Combat terrorism

The terrorism is unfortunately a black face of humanity. Crime is never in the favor of mankind, but no country is able to find the solution of terrorism. Public places, especially airports are always in the hit list of terrorists. The video surveillance is not able to control the terror, but can control their activity and keep an eye on the happening in the premises.

Provide real-time surveillance to multiple departments

With IP surveillance its become easy to real time surveillance to multiple departments like as police, customs, fire and medic, baggage, and airport operations, can all monitor the video feeds from separate PC workstations.

Advanced video analytics

The present is the era of advanced technology and the cameras for surveillance is also a high tech era. In the surveillance technology new research comes on a regular basis. This technology helps a lot in video analysis. Intelligent cameras with built-in video analytics are beginning to play a significant role in airport security. These cameras utilize software algorithms to detect specific activities and scan for suspicious individuals.

Flexibility and scalability

Easy connectivity and installation make these cameras first choice for installation. These positions and other specifications can be change according to the need of the place.

Digital storage
Digital storage is strength point of these cameras. The digital recordings can be used as evidence. Storage of these footage is very easy also allows for an almost unlimited amount of storage, and also provides users with drastically enhanced search capabilities.

Remote access

Footage is recorded digitally in these cameras, these also have the feature of remote access. They can be viewed, along with archived footage, remotely from any PC with network access.

Surveillance security camera is a basic need for the security of the airport, but only installation of cameras is not enough until there is not a dedicated staff who monitoring it religiously. If the monitoring team is good then most of the suspicious activities can be tracked at the same time.

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