CCTV Cameras


In the past few years when the graph of crimes goes high and higher every day, people like those buildings for residence which have visible security systems, concierges, elevator operators, liveried door staffs, concierges, elevator operators, keyless locks and video cameras. With the increasing threat of terrorism and crime rates these types of security systems become necessity of time for security of person and property.

We think sometimes that only high rise buildings and crowed places are in the list of terrorists and our residential area are under the threat of only theft and robbery type of crime. And fro these types of crime, we should take care of our own house and we will become secured. But this idea has never been a good idea because if your surrounding is not secured then how could you feel secure in your home. No doubt with the installation of security equipments in your home makes secure your home. But it’s not necessary that you will live only inside your home. You should go for community gathering and your kids will enjoy games on colony ground, then how will you feel safe if your society will not less with the security equipments.

Now a day with the planning of the society or building, builders think first about the security of the area and plan the whole site map for the installation of surveillance equipments. This planning is done for the society as a whole and for the individual flats boat. The surveillance of the outer area is more important because any suspected element who come into your house with some wrong intentions should have to cross the main compound of the society. So if the whole building or society is under the supervision of surveillance equipments the residential area will become more secure and safe.

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