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Know Your Home Surveillance Camera & other Equipments

he video surveillance and other surveillance equipments are no more expensive. The money never comes in when the matter is the safety of your family and property, but still when it comes in the range of every one then it should be installed without any fail. If you are planning for installation of surveillance equipments in your home, then Spyeyes a unit of SRPL will assist you to get best equipments according to your need.

Here is a brief idea about the equipments which could be useful for your home.

Types of Home surveillance system:

For a residential building two type of surveillance system needed, one is for the outer area surveillance and other is for inner area.

Indoor home surveillance: Indoor security is useful for keeping an eye on babysitters, house sitters and other staff. You can not available every time at home and keep an eye on your workers in that condition indoor home surveillance could be used to monitor multiple rooms or just one area.

Outdoor home surveillance: The outdoor surveillance is very necessary because the main threat is outside the premises. The equipments installed outdoor locations generally have a large range and waterproof quality.

You can use a single camera at the entry of your home or can install many cameras according to your need.

Type of Cameras:

Dome camera: These are not easily seen and three axis mounting. The disadvantage of this type of camera is that it cannot change field of view easily and lens limitations too.

Bullet camera: The main advantage of this type of camera is -Large; good for outside use; swivel function but the disadvantage is- Needs to be installed high to prevent vandalism

Box camera: This has Large range of lenses; inexpensive; dual power, but the disadvantage is Unattractive; susceptible to vandalism

Spy/Hidden camera: The main advantage is -very inconspicuous but not good for outside use.

Home Surveillance Equipment Features:

Once you have decided that which type of camera you needed then its time to look for features. There mainly two features which are considered at first step.

Wired or wireless equipments: Both have its own plus and negatives. Wireless equipments are more comfortable to be installed.

Coloured or black & white: This again depends upon your requirements. A general trend is using coloured for indoor surveillance and black & white is for outdoor surveillance.

Installation of security equipments are the best way to secure your property and family from any mishap. These can help you to live a secure and tension free life.

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