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Home Burglar Alarm Systems

The alarm system of home for safety from burglars is the device which gives you protection from intruders. There is a wide array this system in the market, let have a brief about these.


The alarm contains input in the form of switch, once the switch is pressed the magnetic field generated. In turn, the logic gates produce the signal and in turn the driver is activated. The activation is indicated with the help of the LED. Eventually, the buzzer is sounded due to the activation of the relay.

Generally, the Home Burglar Alarm Systems is installed to raise alarms against human intervention, but now days these are also used frequently for other purposes like fire, intrusion and for safety alarms. Nowadays, the combination of home alarm system with fire alarms is available. Their use has been extended from home to business houses and other commercial places also.

Types of Burglar Alarm Systems:

Hardwired Systems:

This type of system come with the interconnection of wires, these systems need specialists for the installation. The wired one alarm systems considered to be the most reliable one because every sensor is physically connected with the control unit. Because of the physical connection the chances of failure lower downs.

Wireless Systems:

If we talk for the easy installation then the wireless alarm system comes on the top, because the wireless systems need not much skill for the installation even an individual unskilled person could do the installation of these alarms. The wireless systems offer a wide range of sensors that are already inbuilt and have their respective feedback going to the control unit.

You can go to take the help of internet for choosing the right alarm system for your home, you can also find companies serving in this domain. For the surveillance equipment Spyeyes is a leading name which provides the best quality equipment with the excellent after sale services to make your life much easier and safer.

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