Alarm Systems


When we build our homes, we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that it is up to our expectations and aspirations. However, fire is one such vulnerability, which can easy turn it to ashes. Most of the time when we think about the security and safety of home, we arrange manpower and surveillance. These type of arrangements can give safety to your home from theft and other crimes, but fire is one such element which is present in your home and not only the sources of fire are present inside but it is also an essential part of life.

The solution of this problem is the Fire Alarms. Fire alarms cannot stop the fire, but it identifies the first symptom of fire that is smoke. Smoke is the first signal of fire and the fire alarms detect the smoke and alert you about it so that you can take appropriate steps.

Fire alarms are designed to alarm you about the fire and smoke so that you can save your property and yes, your life too from the fire because a thief can steal your property which is painful but fire can destroy each and every thing. There are a variety of fire alarms in the market, you can select according to your need.

1) Smoke alarms – These type of alarms are commonly used for detecting the smoke. This alarm doesn’t detect the fire, but the smoke. But this is also true where is the smoke there will be fire, so if you detect the smoke you can prevent the fire.

2) Photoelectric – This type of fire alarm “sees” the smoke. This fire alarm is particularly responsive to smoldering fires or the type of fires that give out a lot of smoke. These are ideal for places where there are things like PVC or foam.

3) Ionization This type of fire alarm detects the invisible particles caused by combustion. As opposed to the photoelectric fire alarm “seeing” the smoke, this type “feels” the smoke. This can best detect flaming fires with no visible smoke. However, you should not place this type of fire alarm in the kitchen as it is susceptible to false alarms.

Fire alarms are necessary for modern lifestyle because with the evolution of technology we live in areas which are highly sensitive to fire and most of the time reason behind the fire is a short circuit in the wires. So for the protection of your property and person from fire, fire alarms are the best option.

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