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Some people really love to scientist for their out of the box innovation to make their life easy and the electronic key lock is a thing which is really gifted of scientists to the busy man kind. These locks are used in car. The keyless locks are used in cars and need not any physical touch with the vehicle.

A key is used for opening and closing the car, but these keys need a physical touch with the vehicle. The benefit of the electronic lock is that, this needs not any direct contact with the vehicle. These are governed by the electronic signals and used for opening and closing doors, for up and down for window screen. You can open these without touching the vehicle body.

This gives a more attractive look to the vehicle, these locks are easy to install and designed for the convenience of the user. These are very easy to use, anyone can use these electronic locks very easily accessible and easy to install. The security is the main benefit of these locks.

Once you install these in your vehicle, these become the watchdog for your car. If any person touches your car, the alarm is active and siren gives you signal about the act. Not only touching on the body, but if anyone tries to open with other key, then also alarm starts give signals.

Advantage of Electronic key locks:

The prime advantage of these locks is that you need not to carry the keys with you. When these locks are programmed with your car and the risk of steeling of keys or forgetting the keys will ends. The other benefit of these is you need not to make duplicate or copy key for access.

Disadvantage of Electronic key locks:

The main disadvantage if this system is the programming. If the programing of the system disturbed once it need the visit of expertise which is a big issue. And if the battery used for operating is low it stopped working.

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