Biometrics & Access Control Systems


Electronic entrance and entry management system is now become an essential part of companies. It is essential to keep record of entry and exit of each employee of the company. It is not necessary for recording the entry and exit but also for maintaining disciplines and decorum in the office. Following are some benefits of electronic entrance management system.

Reduce errors: when the entry is manmade then the changes of errors increases. There are so many reasons behind the manmade error. It may be ur to poor hand writing or may be due to false entry or sometimes it may be due to skipping of entry. To avoid all such problems electronic entry system is very good solution.

Increase security: The electronic system helps to increase security, because electronic system limits the entry and not only limits the entry but there are specific cards or biometric system with which only authorized person can enter or exit and this increase safety of place.

Increase productivity: When employees know that there is an electronic entry of their entry and exit, they avoid coming late, although record also kept in manual entry but a systematic electronic entry give sense of more responsibility and it increase productivity.

Save moneyInstallation of electronic system is one time investment while the manual entry needs man power, a permanent employee should be needed for making entries so electronic system is of more accurate and money saving nature.

Increase employee satisfaction: Sometimes employees have complain that the entries are not right or some other problem. The electronic entry system increases satisfaction level of the employees because they know that all the entries are done by themselves so there is no chance of false entry, it incase satisfaction in levels.

The electronic entry system is beneficiary in both the term, from the point of view of employer and from the employee side too. It cut down the cost which is used in the manual entry and it also increase satisfaction in the employees and all of the above the errorless work.

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