Electric Door Phones & Locks


Security equipments change with the change of technology, with the knocking of new the older generation has to go. The audio and video door security systems are from the same young generation of technology and this is the time to say goodbye to traditional security locks. The latest surveillance systems are more advanced and there is less possibility of breaking or damaging.

Audio door security system:

This system is very useful at the entry gate. With the installation of this type of security system there is no need to open the door for any conversation. If you install the audio surveillance system at you main gate then you can directly condensate the person who is outside at your door and when you will satisfy then only open the door. In the traditional type of locks you haven’t any option of audio conversation so some time the situation becomes dangerous when you open the door for any unknown person. For this system you also need not to be near at the door, where ever in your home you can install the connection and it work perfectly.

Video door security system:

Video door security system is one step ahead of the audio door system. Where in the audio door entry security system the communication is limited only in audio, at the same time this type of surveillance system you can see the face of the visitor. The only audio could be misleading you, but when you are able to see the face of the person with his voice, then it could be more reliable and safe. Same like the audio door security system you can also install the receiver at anywhere in your home according to your comfort and convenience.

Door Entry Systems with IP Integration:

The latest development is a Door Entry System that works via an internet connection through an internet protocol (IP) phone or a tablet, laptop or PC. With the normal surveillance system you are bounded in the premises of your home, but this type of system gives you the freedom to watch the activity from anywhere, where you have internet connectivity. With WIFI, you could also be sitting comfortably at home watching your favourite TV programme and quickly deal with a request for access to any of your multiple premises, via your smartphone or iPad.

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