Biometrics & Access Control Systems


Biometric system is one of most reliable system for the home security. The ordinary mechanical or manual systems are not such reliable as these modern electronic biometric systems.

What is Biometric

Biometric security devices are basically authentication tools which are used to protect the property and your family at home. Every person has a unique identification and this is an identity which cannot be fabricated or duplicated. This is the principle that Biometric devices work on

This is used for the following purposes-

  1. For verification
  2. For identification

Biometric and Home Safety

Biometric systems are mainly used in office areas for the safety of person and property and also to ensure that unauthorized people are not able to access certain areas, if not the entire premise of an office. These are useful for home safety too. For the home safety following categories of tools could be used:

Face recognition products:

It sounds nice that a machine knows your face. Actually, each face has its different features which the biometric devices are able to record like jaw size nose length, eye structure etc.

Fingerprint readers:

In the whole world no two persons can have same fingerprints. Fingerprint identification is the common biometric medium used for identification system. With this identification system you can operate that only with the use of the finger which is registered in the memory of machine.

Hand scanners:

The fingerprint identification machine has records of fingerprints only, but with the hand scanner the scanning of an entire hand is done. Hand scan is more reliable in comparison to fingerprint readers. These are very useful for lockers, bedrooms and such areas where you keep your valuables.

Voice recognition devices:

voice recognition devices are based on the voice, voice shape, pronunciation, etc. For these systems, voice sample is prerecorded and when a visitor gives its identification by his voice, system crosses checks the given voice sample with recorded data and if the data matches then only give permission to enter is enabled by the machine.

A biometric home security system is a very useful safety system because with these systems you can restrict the entry and exit of people and it also helps to stop crimes in residential premises.

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