Biometrics & Access Control Systems

Benefits of Finger Print Access Control Systems

Access control doesn’t remain a requirement of only office or business areas. Home needs equal requirement of keyless access control system. Each individual has a unique fingerprint, one can make duplicate key, but cannot make duplicate finger prints. This type of access control system is more secure and safe.

Fingerprint access control system works for the recognition of individual prints. This system works with two basic steps, first step is putting a person’s finger on the screen and the machine checks in database to recognize the identity of a person and if the fingerprints match with person door opens. The doors have this type of access control systems only permits access to those people whose fingerprints are registered in the database and this makes these systems more reliable.

For whom these systems are useful because these can give you a keyless entry. Carrying keys all time is a very big task and not only carrying but people have a bad habit of forgetting the keys and if your lock is operated by key, then you have no chance to enter inside in case of key loss or managing a duplicate key. Having a duplicate key is never a safe option because it increases the chances of unauthorized entry in the home. So if you want a secured and restricted entry in your home use finger print access control system.

This system gives a dual advantage in the work place and offices. Every office has employees and the site working hours for them. If you have not any access control, then anyone can enter inside your workplace which is never good for any business. The entry of persons should be restricted in the working area, the best way to implement this restriction is using fingerprint access control. By using this system you can permit only those people whom you want to give permission of entry.

This keyless entry system is not working as access control, but for offices it also works as attendance recorder. Once you have installed this system in your workplace, every employee will bound to put finger for the entry and exit. And the data of this exit and entry works as a database for the attendance.

As the forward movement of technology gives a wide acceptance to these high tech access controls. These also give a check on the theft and fraudulent activities which have more chance if the high tech access control systems are not used.


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