Biometrics & Access Control Systems


With the advancement of technology other things are also changing, the old system and yes, sometimes old people also be replaced by the technology. Biometric attendance system is one of the surveillance systems which is the gift of the technology. In this attendance system for the purpose of attendance the impression of figure prints is used. Ever person has unique figure prints, no other person has the same figure prints. Here are some benefits of the electronic attendance system which use biometric impressions for identification.

Security: This system of recording the attendance is most secured way of monitoring the presence of employees. Delicacy or proxy is not possible in this system. The manpower use to record attendance could be reduced by the installation of biometric systems. Not only a reduction in the manpower, but the reduction of time theft, also increases the productivity of the company.

Accuracy:  The electronic system of biometric recording of attendance is more accurate than any other man made entry. There is the chance of fraud entry or omitting of entry in the man made entry system and at the time of calculation the wrong calculation and the poor handwriting also creating a problem in the calculation. You’ll be able to monitor tardiness, breaks, overtime, vacation, and holiday hours and your employees will be able to trust that their work is being recorded correctly and fairly.

Efficiency: When you are calculating manual data entry, then it may take a long time, some time it may take some days while in a biometric attendance system this work could be done in some hours. This technically evolved system increases the efficiency of the staff.

Easy to use:  This system of monitoring the presence is very easy to use. No skills are needed in using this, simply putting a finger on the screen is the only work a person has to do the rest of the work is of the system. A lay man to a highly educated person for everyone this system words alike. Not only the recording of attendance, but the calculation of the data is also very easy with this system which makes it more user friendly.

Compliance: The ultimate benefit of this type of system is the aggregate of all above points. With this the manpower will save which helps to save money of company and the most important fact is the theft of the time will checked so that productivity will increase and the company have not to pay without any work done by the employee

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